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Its history

In 1969, the most controversial designer of the moment was Paco Rabanne. It was particular to propose her outfits futuristic very sexy, with leather, chains and metal. A young German, by the name of Hans Schöller, came to Paris and befriended with Paco Rabanne. They concluded an industrial alliance: Hans would manufacture the Paco Rabanne brand men underwear. Thus was born the Manstore company already geared towards innovation, the avant-garde and the provocation.

It must be said that Hans Schöller was also able to inspire confidence because he was the heir to a long line of German textile manufacturers. Soon, he begins to create its own models, such as the first string for man. This string caused a scandal, but the Manstore brand began to be more and more known.

In 1984, Manstore received the command of quarrel underwear. The very manly and sexy french sailor, hero of the book by Jean Genêt, was played by Brad Davis. That is very indented "marcel" t-shirt quarrel in the film is a creation Manstore. Since then, many men seek to replicate this look that leaves burst the chest muscles.

The 1980s were also the growth for Manstore. The brand opens known stores in Amsterdam and Paris, as well as through the Germany. In 1990, Hans Schöller this point the retro wave. It puts forward the long underwear, like the Cowboys of the Wild West. Combined with a pair of 501 jeans, this famous "long john" was the height of virility. But in 1995, Hans Schöller died at age 52. The family business Schöller cannot survive him and collapses. Fortunately, a designer named Alfons Kreuzer, saves the Manstore brand. It the revival in 1996, with a quite different collection.

The bet of Alfons Kreuzer is to reconnect with the roots of Manstore, provocation and the avant-garde, while projecting in the new scenes: techno parades, raves, gay pride, go-go boys. Fashion is male Exhibitionism, among heterosexuals as homosexuals. In the 2000s, the multiplication of bare calendars (ex: Dieux du Stade) confirms this trend.

The Manstore spirit

Nowadays, the underwear of the guys who play with their bodies

Manstore products then become underwear fun (Get Fun) and sexual (Get Sex). They cause, enticing and preludes to love. It should be noted that women are sensitive to this approach, as it lengthens the games from before the Act and big work on shapes and materials is also appreciated by the sluts in lingerie. In 2008/2009, Manstore collections are both provocative and sought-after, sexual and fun. It is difficult to recommend models: they are very diverse and depend on the use you will make, your tastes and the tastes of your "public".

Manstore is a high-end brand, combining quality and design. Sensitive materials to pamper the man with products designed like a second skin. A unique sensation developed for their comfort and their lasciviousness. Luxurious details create the necessary distance to the ordinary. All with the most reliable quality worldwide: Made in Germany.

The new Manstore

For decades, Manstore has been synonymous with black and dark colors. Dark surfaces, small images showing parts of the body as viewed through the hole of a lock. In summary, eccentric, forbidden, seductive. Since 1969, the collection has something secret that only followers know decrypt.

But now has come the time of the turn. The new style is a dazzling white. Manstore relies on the dazzling white to cause in the world from the underside. Guys without any discomfort, offensive brancheurs, dominant males, the alphas personalities that cannot curb, all will be on the front of the stage. New are also the choice of words and the language of images. Now the credo is: be different. Be as you want to be. Be Black Swan, be the Wolf in the fold. You always parieras in a cent. You're brave when others are still hesitant. You earn. You parieras % against one.

The profile of the collection shows also how she is ambitious: more extreme, more exhibitionist, with more d\elements for fun and the Visual shock. Added to this is an extremely luxurious, perfectly cut fabric as tailor-made. Unthinkable for a consumer to regular underwear. Absolutely unaffordable for smart shopping freaks. Manstore, is excessive, the luxury, the scenes of seduction, an effective demonstration of what is desire.