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Magic push up
A simple but effective method to maximize the brief content.

Inside the pouch is a round aperture. Push "everything" through to welcome your best parts in a tight "VIP Lounge".

The simulating effect is amazing sensitive.

And the results are impressive: More volume and an intensive and provoking masculine look.
Lasso Booster
Caught by a lasso, man's best part easily finds itself under impressive pressure!

A must for all devotees of ballgames!

The lasso and the pouch are not sewn together. First pull the lasso to the front and push "everything" through. Then, just stretch the pouch like a cover above the front part.

Wow! The impact is amazing.
Strip show
The Mantore "Strippers" have to be part in everyone's collection cause they are the explosive blowoff on every private strip show.

There are either easy-o-open snaps, soft velcro tapes or a special lock that only needs to be tapped and the underwear will fly off the body straight away.

Check it out.

That's exiting!
Bungee impact
This gorgeous trick is taken from the principles of bungees. The tension of the rubber band goes only one way: upwards.

The pouch is bordered by an invisible elastic, to keep the content tight and compact. Like in a lift, everything goes to a higher level. The effect is a permanent sensitisation and a very provoking contour.
Back Spoiler - Volume effect
If you are not completely pleased with your tasty ass, make it easily to an eyecatcher with the Manstore Back Spoiler.
A nearly invisible and supersoft foam-rubber inlay is worked inside the briefs. Its creates a pretty look when wearing tight jeans.
Expo brief, Back Spoiler... Discover here all Manstore Trick to increase cleverly the shape of your body...
Ultra micro
Is there any more tinier than this? No.

These very hot micro cuts maximises the sexappeal to an unexpected end. The remains only one question: Can Manstore underwear be a sin? Yes, of course.

The tight und ultra low cuts stimulate steadily and put the whole emphasis on the essentials.
Vario cache
Some like big, some like it not. In whatever way you like it, the Manstore micro pouches will follow your desire. The high-elastic front of the thong is not tightly sewed to the waistbant.

You decide, how big or how narrow the wrapping should be. Just move the top of the pouch into the demanded sexy position.
See trough
Why to hide away your muscles and juwels? Show the best parts you have and perform your willingness for a wild action.

Let these kinky sheer items always be a burning part of your subtle art of seduction.

Tulle, meshes and other sensitive and high transparent fabrics are the right stuff to thrill your lover.
Unclip or unzip
Sometime it's a lot hotter to open your outfit only at some particular patches instead to pull of the underwear back to back.

Buttons, Poppers, Zippers and other seductive Manstore closures can always be a welcome and arousing part of the fetish game and a stunning foreplay.